James A. Hanley

  McGill University


     Dept. Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Associate Member

     Dept. Mathematics and Statistics

  Royal Victoria Hospital

Senior Scientist

   Division of Clinical Epidemiology

Work Address

1020, Pine Avenue West, Montréal, Québec, H3A 1A2, Canada

Telephone / Fax No.

+1 (514) 398-6270 (Tel)       +1 (514) 398-4503 (Fax)

E-mail / Web Page

James.Hanley@McGill.CA       http://www.biostat.mcgill.ca/hanley/
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Software, etc.

Galton's family data on human stature

Article [& related material] for 100th Anniversary of Student's 1908 paper

Publications, Presentations, Interviews, etc.

Public lectures on epidemiology

Bridge of Life     Pandemics   quiz

2 datapoints and a model

1600s 1700s 1800s 1900s

A Career as a Biostatistician [SUMS 2020]

Course Material

EPIB605 Critical Appraisal in Epidemiology (Winter 2023)  
BIOS-601 Epidemiology: Intro & Statistical Models (Fall 2022)  

BIOS-624 Data Analysis & Report Writing (Fall 2016)  
BIOS-602 Epidemiology: Regression Models, Winter 2015
Workshops: link
                  2022: Computational and Data Systems Initiative
                  2017: Anatomy & Cell Biology
                  2013: Bionano
Acad. 1/2 Day: Regression/Multivariable Methods: R1-R3 Int.Med. 2013
Acad. 1/2 Day: Statistics in medical literature.: R1-R3 Int.Med. 2012
EPIB-609 Seminar: Epidemiology PhD students (Fall 2012)
EPIB-634 Survival Analysis & Related topics Winter 2011
EPIB-613 Introduction to Statistical Software Fall 2006
EPIB-694 Statistical Inference II June 2004
EPIB-681 Data Analysis II (Winter 2004)
524-207G Introduction to Epidemiology (med2) Fall 2002
EPIB-640  Practicum, Winter 2002
MATH323 Probability Theory May 2001
EPIB-607 Principles of Inferential Statistics in Medicine Fall 2001
EPIB-610 Lectures in 610 -- Nov 1999
EPIB-622 Applications of Statistics
EPIB-626 Risks and Hazards
EPIB-678 Analysis of Multivariable Data
MATH685 Statistical Consulting
EPIB-697 Applied Linear Models

XXIIIrd International Biometric Conference, Montreal, July 16-21, 2006

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Welcome Reception (photos)     Opening Ceremony and Presidential Address (Streaming Video)
Opening Ceremony and Presidential Address     Dinner     Closing Day    Photos by Peter Macdonald

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