''Student''-related Material from Macdonell (1901); Student (1908); Census of Ireland (1911); Lane-Claypon (1912); Fisher (1915); Hanley, Julien, and Moodie (2008)

Height and finger-length data, gathered by Macdonell (1901), and used by Student (1908)

Excerpts from Student's 1908 paper

Excerpts from Macdonell's 1901 paper [incl. frequency table]

Data from Table III of Macdonell's paper (Excel)

Data from Table III of Macdonell's paper (csv format)

[ finger size, 22 height frequencies, marginal frequency ]
Let James.Hanley@McGill.CA know of any discrepancies between the datafile provided here, and the hard copy.

Gosset's 750 samples of size n=4

Thanks to S. Ziliak for helping JH locate these.

Census of Ireland 1911: Return completed by Gosset

Census of Ireland 1911: Return completed by JH's grandfather (2-year old: JH's father)

For more details, see link

1912 Report by Janet E. Lane-Claypon

'The method introduced by "Student" is applicable for small number of observations.' (p46). (Copy of report is courtesy of Norman Breslow)

2008 article by J. Hanley, M. Julien and E. Moodie

Student's z, t, and s: What if Gosset had R? Hanley J, Julien M, and Moodie E.
The American Statistician, February 2008]

Supplementary Figures, with results for finger length [Hanley et al. ]     Expanded version of Fisher's Derivation of pdf( s, xbar ) [Hanley et al.]


Statistical Society of Montreal 2008.03.07
[a shortened version of this talk was given at Statistical Society of Canada 2008.05.29]
  Special Session: Gosset Centenary (IBS/ISA) Dublin 2008.07.16
[session organized by Irish Statistical Association]

  1st extra-mural Use of Student's z distribution
[Departmental Seminar Series, McGill University 2008.10.27].   Material courtesy of Warren Winkelstein, Jr.

  NEW   Video (.mp4 30min) and lyrics (2400 words)
2017 SSC Meeting, Winnipeg 2017.06.13


Unveiling of Plaque to Gosset: Guinness Storehouse July 14 2008, and Centenary Session at IBC2008

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