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Some SAS info via Psychology Dept of York University

Readings from Anderson et al. [aaho]   |  aaho ch1  |   aaho ch2  |  aaho ch3

Full (book) version of Anderson et al. [aaho] Statistical Methods for Comparative Studies: techniques for bias reduction   .pdf

Article A Simplified Introduction to Correlation and Regression
K. L. Weldon, Simon Fraser University
Journal of Statistics Education v.8, n.3 (2000)

Article The Biggest Public Health Experiment Ever: The 1954 Field Trial of the Salk Poliomyelitis Vaccine
Paul Meier, University of Chicago
[ Chapter 2 in Tanur JM et al. (Editors) Statistics: A Guide to the Unknown. Holden-Day San Francisco 1972 ]


1-way anova (fixed effects):- 2 or 3 groups   |   Excel Program    


bone density   |   data   |   documentation   |   sas

caffeine elimination   |   data (main)   |   data (plasma vs saliva)   |   documentation   |   sas

cesarean data   |   data   |   documentation   |   sas

Detecting ethanol in drinks   |   documentation   sas pgm (incl raw data)   |   sas sd2 file   |   spss file   |   data (.txt)   |   Rcode (.txt)   |   BMJ article

measuring earsize   |   sas pgm (incl raw data documentation and some analyses)   |     BMJ article   

fruitfly longevity   |   sas program+raw data   |   documentation   |   sas dataset (.sd2)   |   Excel     |   csv   |   Publication (Nature)  

H2SO4 study   |  data   |  documentation   |  sas

The Heritability of Otitis Media, A Twin and Triplet Study   |   data (R)   |   data   |   notes   |   sas data step   |   article (JAMA) .pdf format

tumor measurement   |  data   |   data --- as table   |   "real" diameters   |   documentation   |   sas

Blood Values in each 2cc of (usually discarded) blood   |  data (.txt)   |   sas code   |     documentation / Rcode

Country-specific effects of neonicotinoid pesticides on honey bees and wild bees.   article   Readme (.txt)   Data (.xlsx)

On the Relation of the Direction of the Wind to the Age of the Moon, as Inferred from Observations Made
at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1840 November to 1847 December,
G. B. Airy. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Vol. 141 (1851), pp. 411- 412
Excerpt   |   Full Article   |   Data (.csv)   |   R Code (.txt)

Quantification of Mycobacterium bovis transmission in a badger vaccine field trial   article   Newspaper article