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Sampling Frame

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Sampling Frame for questions on the exam

Moore & McCabe 3rd Edition


3.33, 3.34, 3.35, 3.36,   3.39,   3.41,   3.43, 3.44, 3.45, 3.46, 3.47, 3.48, 3.49, 3.50

3.57,  3.72,  3.74,  3.79


Material added: november 14, 1999

Examples of Stratified Samples:

HIV Seroprevalence in Massachusetts

Physician Visits and Psychiatric Consultations in Quebec

Examples of Multi-Stage Samples:

Gallup Polls on Smoking   Graph showing Yearly Trends

Rubella Immunity - QuebecAdolescents Cluster Samples within Strata


Variance for Estimates from Cluster Samples: "Effective sample size":

Household Survey Example from Cochran's text


Examples of "Custom Design" Samples:

Burn Injuries in New England    "What If "-1   "What If "-2

Further Comments on Measurement and Sampling:

"Bigger sample sizes won't fix these problems ..."

Bias and Variability ... being approximately correct and precisely wrong!

If Prob(selection) is proportional to quantity being measured -- Length-biased sampling

How come Gallup uses the same n=1000 in the U.S. and Canada?

Performance of Gallup Poll in U.S. Presidential Elections 1952-1988

Sample Size and Sex

A Big State needs a Big Sample

Standard Error for a Weighted Average of Stratum-specific Estimates

How long are words?   

Using Random Number Table (from Armitage&Berry) See also M&M sections 3.2&3.3

Systematic Sampling: cf M&M Q 3.41 p264-265    Note on this technique (FDK Liddell)

Limits of memory in Surveys: cf reference to Bradburn in Note 6 p 285 in M&M.