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电视 [人世界]: 加拿大 人科学家明瑞:克服困 研究出人工.

2019 REVIEW ON ARTIFICIAL CELLS:  free ope nccess now available Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine, and Biotechnology, Volume 47 Issue 1, Pages 997-10

5 PAPERS (2015-2018) NOVEL NANOBIOTHERAPEUTIC WITH ENHANCED RED BLOOD CELL FUNCTIONS                                  (1) Summary 2017  ;2) 90 mins Hemorrhagic shock 2015 .pdf :(3) Long term safety and immunology 2018 :(4)Extraction of needed enzymes 2015 :(5)Temperature stability 4C to 70C 2016 )   

INVENTOR OF ARTIFICIAL CELLS VOTED "THE GREATEST MCGILLIAN" IN MCGILL UNIVERSITY'S 190 YEARS HISTORY (Click here)     (Video Interview (Click here for PC) (Click here for Apple)  Takes 1-2 minutes to download** Ceremony dinner followed by football kickoff (Click here for PC) (Click here for Apple)

60th ANNIVERSARY OF ARTIFICIAL CELLS in conjunction with XVI ISBS (Int Sym Blood Substitutes) V ISNS (Nanomedicine)Videos from opening ceremony   (1) 60th anniversary addresses by Dean Eidelman, Prof White, Prof Poznanski, Prof Quirion, Consule Xiong FOLLOWED BY 60th Anniversary lecture by Chang  YOUTUBE 1 file (2) PLENARY LECTURES:  Prof Jiang’s group:conduit for reconnecting nerve ; Prof Jahr: clinical use of Polyhemoglobin blood substitute Prof Prakash Artificial Cells for microbiome and cardiac stents                                             (3) Abstract

2019 ISBS International Symposium on Blood Substitutes and Oxygen Therapeutics. Organizes China/Japan at Nara Japan


Red blood cell replacement or nanobiotherapeutics with enhanced red blood cell functions; urgent need to be ready  .    

4 SELECTED NEW ARTICLES  (1).  Novel nanobiotherapeutic blood substitute with enhanced red blood cell functions compared to red blood cells      ( 2)). "Artificial Cells: the beginning of Nanomedicine"  Opening Chapter  in book on Selected Topics in Nanomedicine  (3.)  2017 Translational feasibility of soluble nanobiotherapeutics with enhanced red blood cell functions (click below for free open access) (4)(2017 Hemoperfusion &  Plasmaperfusion:   

(1) :Artificial Cells and Organs Research Centre organization chart:  
(2) TMS Chang C.V. and publications  

(1) International Society for Artificial Cells Blood Substitute & Biotechnology (ISABI) 
Artificial Cells, Nanomedicine & Biotechnology, an international journal 
(3) Regenerative Medicine, Artificial  Cells & Nanomedicine, book series (4) Memorials for editorial board members:DeBakey,Kolff & Winslow  

MONOGRAPH ON ARTIFICIAL CELLS for free access:  You are invited to access a free complementary copy of Professor Chang's  454 page monograph on "ARTIFICIAL CELLS: biotechnology, nanotechnology, regenerative medicine, blood substitutes bioencapsulation and cell/stem cell therapy" (World Science Publisher/Imperial College Press) (click here)

WHAT? WHEN? WHY? HOW? (brief description) 
Artificial Cells, blood substitutes, nanomedicine, nanobiotechnolog, regenerative medicine, bioencapsulation and related areas  

READING AND VIDEO FOR GENERAL AUDIENCE                        (1) VIDEO interview on "The Greatest McGillians" in McGill's 190 years history (blood substitutes and artificial cells included)  (Click)  (2)The Red Blood Cell Man by Andre Picard (Artificial Cells & blood substitutes)   (3) Video interview on artificial cells and blood substitutes (needs high speed internet and a few minutes for downloading)  (4) Inventor and 50 years of Artificial Cells (Chinese) with permission from Ming Poa News   (5) Inventing Artificial Cells (Chinese) with permission from Sept Days    (6) Blood substitute (French)   (7) Father of Artificial Cells (Chinese) 2012 Shantou    (8) Chinese Canadian Legend Award 2015 (Chinese followed by English  (9) Father of Artificial Cells (Chinese) 2016 permission of author  (10) "Father of artificial cells" (Chinese) Shantou newshere for PC) (Click here for Apple)  This will take a few minutes to download

(1) Detailed review on "Artificial Cells" from 2005 Nature Review Drug Discovery  
(2) "Nanobiotechnology based blood substitutes" from 2006 Trends in Biotechnology(3) "Nanobiotechnological modification of hemoglobin and enzymes"  from 2008 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: proteins & Proteomics 1784:1435-144  (4) "Nanobiotechnology for hemoglobin based blood substitutes" Preprint from 2009 Critical Care Clinics (5) From Artificial Red Blood Cells, Oxygen Carriers, Oxygen Therapeutics to Artificial Cells and Nanomedicine and beyond. Opening remark XIII ISBS  2011  (6) Artificial Cells: the beginning of Nanomedicine 2013 Chapter 1 in book on Selected Topics in Nanomedicine 2013   

BOOKS (MONOGRAPHS for free online access) 

(1) ARTIFICIALCELLS: biotechnology, nanotechnology, regenerative medicine, blood substitutes bioencapsulation and cell/stem cell therapy. a 2007 454 page monograph by Chang.(full text of book posted with copyright permission)

(2)"BLOOD SUBSTITUTES: principles,methods,products & clinical trials" Monograph by Chang (1997) (full text of book posted with copyright permission)

(3) "ARTIFICIAL CELLS" Monograph by Chang(1972).(full text of book posted with copyright permission)

(1) Krever commission's Report on Blood Suply in Canada implemented by Quebec   (2) Is there a priority to include blood substitutes in national blood supply policies? (3) Is there a role for first generation blood substitutes in hemorrhagic shock?   (4) Is there a need for blood substitutes in the new millennium and what should we expect in the way of safety and efficacy?by Chang,Greenburg,Chen,Feola & Simoni, Tsuchida, Biro, Yang, Alayash, Bucci, Hsia. (5) Safety of red blood cell substitutes as compared to stored donor red blood cells (6) Blood Substitutes in 2010 

TEACHING MATERIAL(For McGill students only) 
Artificial Cells   

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