Implementation of the Krever Report in Quebec, Canada


The Krever Commission was formed by the Canadian Federal Government to look into blood supply issues in Canada and to make recommendations. After extensive work, the Krever Report was tabled.  Among the many recommendations to ensure safe and secure blood supplies in Canada it also recommended allocating 10% of the budget for blood supply in Canada for use in the development and research related to Hemovigillance and Transfusion Medicine.


The Ministry of Health in Quebec has implemented this recommendation including allotting special funds for the development and research in Hemovigillance and Transfusion Medicine to be carried out by HemaQuebec and Quebec Universities.  The first research group formed is on “ Blood Substitutes in Transfusion Medicine” The director of this research centre, Professor TMS Chang,OC.MD, is the principle investigator and director of this research group working with scientists and clinicians from this research centre, McGill teaching hospitals (Montreal General Hospital, Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal Children Hospital, Montreal Jewish General Hospital) and the Laval University Teaching Hospital in Quebec City.