Electronic Supplement to Understanding Nonlinear Dynamics

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Some extremely simple cellular automata software.

KISS That is: "Keep it Simple, Stupid."

A Final Exam and some Problem Sets

The following documents are PostScript. When you click on the hypertext link, you will be asked by your computer where you would like to put the PostScript file on your own computer. You can then view the PostScript or print it out. When I become more adept with WEB browsers, I will try to reformat these documents so that they can be directly seen. Unfortunately, the large number of equations and figures in the documents prevents me from effectively presenting them in HTML. -Danny

The 1994 Final exam from McGill Biology 309 pdf file

The first problem set from 1995 pdf file

The second problem set from 1995 pdf file

The third problem set from 1995 pdf file

The fourth problem set from 1995 pdf file

Homework Exercises worked out in Detail

Answers to set 4 from 1995 pdf file


Ideas for course projects.

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