Errata for the first printing

These mistakes have been corrected in the second printing.

p 19 -- On the first line of point 3, "x_t=0" should read "N^\star=0"

p. 20 -- Last line of "Global Stability of Fixed Points."
Should be "If multiple fixed POINTS are locally stable we say
there is multistability."

p. 21 -- Eq. 1.11, last line.  The term 2 R^3 x^2_t should be 2 R^3 x^3_t
p. 27- reference to Figure 1.29 should be changed 
to Figure 1.30 in 3 places

p. 36 - Under the solution, part a.  the equation should
read $$x^\star = x^\star + b sin 2 \pi x^\star .$$

p. 36 - Under the solution, part b.  The sentence "for $0<1/\pi$..."
should read "For $0 < b < 1/\pi$ this fixed point is stable, and is approached
in an oscillatory fashion for $b>1/2\pi$."

p. 72 Figure at the top of the page, showing a 4-element network.
The element labelled as C should be D, and D should be C.  Without
this correction, the truth table on the previous page doesn't
make any sense.

p. 77- 4 lines up- "longer than this, though (see Fig. 2.15)[[Note- it
would be better to change Fig. 2.15 to the figure that shows the
number of attractors, but we probably would not want to do this]]

p. 81- edit the first sentence of the second paragraph "... implies
anything controlling pattern formation in seashells, ..."

p. 83 -- 6 lines down from the top. In the game of Life, the
node is "born" if 3 of its neighbors are "on", not 4 as stated 
in the text.

p. 86: line 11, (see Figure 2.12) should be (see Figure 2.27).

p. 86: line 15, (see Figure 2.26) should be (see Figure 2.25).

p. 95- 7 lines up- delete "as a central theme" to improve style. 

p. 111 and 112 "Sierpinsky" not Serpinsky.  
Adam Lutoborsky ( writes: 
Wac\l{}aw  Sierpi\'nski  was a Polish mathematician active between 
the world wars. His first books appeared  approximately in 1920, 
after the war he worked at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw 
and died  in the seventies, I think. His name is misspelled through 
"Understanding nonlinear dynamics". 
Since he cannot get credit for fractal science he deserves at 
least a few  \TeX strokes.

128- Sixth line from the top: delete first occurrence of "different"

128- Gaussian (3 places in the second paragraph.)
129- 2nd line from bottom: (R^2-R^3)/16 should be (4R^2-R^3)/16

132,133 - the axes on the graphs on these pages should be labelled.

139,140- The figures on these 2 pages should be modified. The top half
of the figure on p. 140 should be on p. 139. The figure on p. 139
should be on p. 140. 

140- The bottom panel is from Meakin(1988)

p. 191- exercise 4.6(a) should refer to Fig. 4.28. 

203- problem 4.24.  The equation for g(x) should have a
+ sign instead of a - sign in front of the x^2 term.
(pointed out by Scott Hendricks)

236- Figure 5.15 should be relabelled n>2.

p. 258 The summation set as a separate equation should be a sum of I
over the fixed points. The summation in the text on the next line
should equal E (not 2E).

259- last line "stable nodes and a saddle point"

p.304 -- 3rd line of box: should say 
"Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole Massachusetts"

p. 308 --- line 8.  (x_t, x_{t+1}) should be
(x_t, x_{t+h})

p. 330 -- It is the "Milankovich" theory, not "Milkanovich".

370- Gaussian