Zhe Zhao

Master's Student


Zhe Zhao is from Hebei, China. He obtained his BSc degree with Neuroscience and Biochemistry double majors from the University of Toronto in 2021. During his third year of undergraduate studies, he performed independent research on controllable mineralization using DNA nanomaterials in vitro. In his fourth year, he grew interested in the pathology of autism spectrum disorders in Dr. Zhengping Jia’s lab. He used a rodent model with optogenetic technology and social behavior tests to evaluate the function of post-synaptic protein neuroligin 2 in epilepsy and autism. This rodent research experience introduced him to synaptic plasticity, which led him to Dr. Bowie’s lab. Zhe is eager to continue his academic path in the Bowie lab, where he will explore the molecular mechanisms underlying Fragile-X Syndrome. In his free time, Zhe likes fishing and badminton.