Dr. Adrian Wong

Dr. Adrian Wong graduated from University College London with a BSc. in Pharmacology in 1993. He then stayed at UCL to undertake Postgraduate work under the joint supervision of Dr. Alasdair Gibb and Prof. Geoffrey Burnstock, investigating the single channel properties of ligand-gated ATP receptors in native rat hippocampal and brainstem slices. After obtaining his PhD in 2000, Adrian then moved to the University of Leicester to investigate glutamatergic synaptic transmission in a giant brainstem synapse, the calyx of Held. An interest in the role of AMPA receptor desensitization led him to join the lab in October 2003, where he is currently investigating the role of extracellular cations in modulating the gating and desensitization kinetics of recombinant AMPA receptors. Adrian received the 2004 Melville Prize for best poster presentation by a postdoctoral fellow at our annual Departmental Research Day as well as the 2005 AstraZeneca prize for best overall presentation. In 2006, Adrian received first prize in the "Postdoctoral Fellow" category for his poster presentation at the 6th Annual McGill Biomedical Graduate Conference. And finally in 2007, Adrian was awarded the Melville Postdoctoral Prize for the second time since he joined our Department. Adrian's work is funded by an operating grant from the C.I.H.R. and a David T.W. Lin Fellowship.


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