Selin Neseliler

PhD Student

Selin Neseliler graduated form Brandeis University with a B.Sc. in Biology and with high honours in Neuroscience. As an undergraduate, she worked and completed her honors thesis in Birren Lab at Brandeis University.  After graduation, she worked in Katz Lab at Brandeis University as a research technician. She joined the Bowie Lab in 2010 and is currently working on the role of calcium-permeable AMPA receptors in retina.



Doris Brewer Cohen Endowment Award, for high academic and significant research achievement, Brandeis University


Cum Laude, Brandeis University


The Brandeis Scope, Brandeis University, MA


Wien Scholarship, prestigious award designed to further international understanding, Brandeis University


2009               Yaihara Fortis-Santiago, Benjamin A. Rodwin, Selin Neseliler, Caitlin E. Piette and Donald B. Katz. State-dependence of olfactory perception as a function of taste cortical activity. Nature Neuroscience 13, 158 - 159 (2009)
2009               Selin Neseliler*, Darshana Narayanan*, Yaihara Fortis-Santiago, Susan J. Birren and Donald B. Katz. Molecular and functional impacts of abnormal cholinergic basal forebrain development on central sensory processes. Department of Psychology and Biology. Brandeis University, MA,  02454. SFN Poster 2009, Chicago, Illinois