Dr. Hugo McGuire

Post-Doctoral Fellow


Dr. Hugo McGuire obtained his BSc degree from the Physics department of the Université Laval (Quebec) in 2007. He then specialized in biophysics during his graduate studies at Université de Montréal under the supervision of Dr. Rikard Blunck. Hugo developed an expertise at the border between applied physics, molecular biology and informatics. He generally focused on single-molecule fluorescence imaging and the combination of this technique to voltage-clamp electrophysiology in order to study ion channel molecular mechanisms. He also developed informatics tools for biophysical analysis, notably a program for automating single fluorescent subunit counting data (McGuire et al., 2012, JBC). Hugo joined Dr. Derek Bowie's laboratory as a postdoctoral fellow in December 2014, where he focuses on the development of biophysics tools using nanofabrication techniques.

Fellowships and Awards


NSERC postdoctoral fellowship


Postdoctoral fellowship from the Chemical Biology program of McGill University


Scholarship for end of Ph.D. studies (U. de Montréal)


FRQNT Doctoral research scholarship


GEPROM Doctoral training scholarship (declined: cumulation prohibited)


Award of excellence for the best poster presentation at the XXIII GEPROM annual Symposium


FRQNT Masters research scholarship


GEPROM Masters training scholarship (declined: cumulation prohibited)


Award of Excellence from the Physics department of the Université de Montréal


Undergraduate Admission Scholarship from Université Laval


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McGuire, H, Aurousseau, MRP, Bowie, D, Blunck, R. (2012) Automating Single Subunit Counting of Membrane Proteins in Mammalian Cells. J Biol Chem. 287: 35912-35921.

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