Dr. David MacLean

post-doctoral fellow


David MacLean obtained his Bachelor's of Science from the University of Toronto in 2005, specializing in Neuroscience. He first came to the glutamate receptor field while working in Prof. David Hampson's lab on metabotropic glutamate receptors. An honours thesis on recombinant AMPA receptors in Prof. John F. MacDonald's lab later shifted his interests towards ionotropic glutamate receptors, which led him to join the lab in September 2005.  He is currently investigating the role of anions and cations in the gating and desensitization behavior of kainate receptors as well as the determinants of agonist efficacy at both AMPA and KA receptors.

Awards and Scholarships:


Standard Life Dissertation Fellowship ($5000, one time fellowship)


Invited and attended the FENS Synapse Summer School, Bordeaux, France


Banting & Best CIHR Doctoral Fellowship

GEPROM bourse de prestige (declined)


Best Research Proposal, 6th Annual McGill Biomedical Conference

McGill Faculty of Medicine Internal Studentship Award (declined)

CIHR Masters Student Scholarship


McGill University Recruitment Excellence Fellowship

Dean's Honor List, University of Toronto


Dean's Honor List, University of Toronto

Life Science Summer Studentship, Pharmacology, University of Toronto


Dean's Honor List, University of Toronto

St. Michael’s In-course Scholarship


Dean's Honor List, University of Toronto

Induction of Golden Key International Honor Society, U. Toronto


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