Erik Larson

PhD Student

Erik Larson was born in Montreal but spent his formative years in Ottawa. He began his studies at the University of Ottawa graduating in 2011 with an Honours Bachelors in Health Sciences. With a keen interest in research he returned to Montreal in the fall of 2011 to work with Dr. Maurice Chacron (McGill University. After studying serotonergic neuromodulation in the weakly electric fish A. leptorhynchus, he graduated with his MSc in Physiology in the spring of 2014. Following his MSc, Erik eagerly joined the Bowie Lab in the summer of 2014 as a PhD student. His current research interests include studying neuroplasticity in the GABAergic inhibitory circuitry of the cerebellum.

Awards and Scholarships:


Graduate Student Excellency Fellowship – McGill University Department of Physiology, $2000


University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship, $1000


Larson, E. A., M. G. Metzen and M. J. Chacron (2014). "Serotonin modulates electrosensory processing and behavior via 5-HT2-like receptors." Neuroscience 271(0): 108-118.