Dr. Heika Silveira Villarroel

Research Associate


Heika is originally from Venezuela where she accomplished a Pharmacy BSc, a Pharmacology PhD and worked as a Pharmacology Professor at the Central University of Venezuela. She started her scientific career at the age of 16, working as a pharmacology research assistant; since then, her interest for neuropharmacology has taken her to work in very well know Canadian institutions as McGill University and the University of Alberta where she performed her Post-Doctoral training. Enthusiastic for knowledge, she also has valuable experience performing compound screening and preclinical in vitro safety profiling for highest-ranking drugs in pharmaceutical companies from the USA and the UK. Heika loves neuroscience and has used different techniques such as electrophysiology, rodent behaviour, iPSC neuronal modeling and stem cell technology to study multiple related fields including the purinergic receptors, pain, anxiety, stress resilience and neurodevelopmental disorders. Heika joined the Bowie Lab in January 2020 to help establish a cross-institutional core facility that focuses on the electrophysiological analysis of human induced pluripotent stem cells to study autism, intellectual disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders.


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