Dr. Federico Miguez-Cabello

Post-Doctoral Fellow


Federico was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but grew up in Barcelona, Spain. He obtained a degree in Biology and an MSc in Neuroscience before starting his PhD in Biomedicine with David Soto’s Group at the University of Barcelona. During his PhD, he studied the regulation of AMPA receptors with a focus on AMPAR-TARP stoichiometry using the patch-clamp technique. Additionally, he participated in the study of GRIN-related disorders by characterizing different mutations in GRIN genes associated with NMDA receptor dysfunction. His PhD thesis entitled ‘New insights into ionotropic glutamate receptors’ was supervised by Drs David Soto and Xavier Altafaj and defended in February 2021. He joined the Bowie Lab in May 2021 as a post-doctoral fellow. He aims to identify the molecular underpinnings of chemically gated signalling in the brain in health and disease.

Scholarships and Awards


MEC fellowship from the Spanish government ($8,000)


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