Dr. Mark Aurousseau

Post-Doctoral Fellow


Mark Aurousseau completed both his Bachelor's (physiology) and Master's (biotechnology) degrees in science at McGill University. During this time he has had the opportunity to experience the research environments of both the private and academic sectors. While at Astra Zeneca, he developed an interest in ion channel pharmacology that has led him to join the group in September 2008 in pursuit of his doctoral degree. Mark is currently investigating the assembly relationship of ionotropic glutamate receptors.

Fellowships and Awards


Graduate Excellence Fellowship, Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Graduate Excellence Fellowship, Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Graduate Research Enhancement and Travel (GREAT) Award, Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Melville Fellowship in Pharmacology


CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Graduate Doctoral Award


Provost Graduate Fellowship


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