G protein-coupled signal transduction systems

Hébert Lab, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University


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First get together in person in the COVID era...


Zoom Lab Meeting


Juliana and Terry with Nobel Prize winner Brian Kobilka at the 2019 GPCR Retreat


Terry as a Neanderthal- too easy to believe!


Role reversal- Antoine carries Domo


Sindy, Iulia and Celia graduate, Fall 2019

Terry's PHAR 508 Class

The Lab at the 2018 GPCR Retreat

Rory's defence (June 2016) -
things got a little crazy

Darlaine is back!

Rakan presenting at John Abbott College

Shar's defence in August 2015

The lab is serious about the Naylor Report

Halloween Party 2015

Rory is very happy with the new Microscope

All hail the great Robot

Peter joins the
Trailer Park Boys

Shar thinking about what's important

Peter and Mélanie (with François) at her going away party

Shar, Carlis and Tamara


At a Russian restaurant

Lab lunch at Star of India

Lab lunch at Star of India

Lab lunch at Star of India

Terry’s true calling…

Bowling builds character

Bowling builds character!

Paulina and Isa

Danny holds court

What was George doing the
night before?

Paulina and Darlaine in Bromont

The lab at the GPCR Retreat

Eugénie, Peter and Nitya at
the GPCR Retreat

See, I was there…

The lab and JFo at the
GPCR Retreat

A shared meal before the
departmental party in
December 2008

Are they open enough now?
(TH and Bruce Allen)

Holiday party 2008

The lab may be too small…

Mélanie and Phan settle
into McGill

Tamara and Irina