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Surgical Arithmetic: Epidemiological, Statistical and Outcome-Based Approach to Surgical Practice

Edited by Rosenberg L, Joseph L, and Barkun A.
Landes Biosciences , Austin Texas, 2000.
Available at
Table of contents
  • Epidemiologic Methods for Surgery (Boivin J-F, Barkun A.)
  • Introduction to Biostatistics: Describing and Drawing Inferences from Data (Joseph L.)
  • Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests (Romagnuolo J, Barkun A, Joseph L.)
  • Primer on Clinical Trials (McLeod R.)
  • Linear and Logistic Regression Analysis (Platt R.)
  • Survival Analysis (Wolfson D, M'lan C.)
  • A Brief Introduction to Meta-Analysis (Joseph L.)
  • An Introduction to Decision Analysis (Barkun A, Abrams N, Joseph L.)
  • Pharmacoeconomics and Surgery (MacNeil P, Rosenberg L.)
  • The Costing of Medical Resources (Crott R.)
  • Databases and Registries (Sampalis J.)
  • "Do-It-Yourself Outcomes": Using Outcomes in Clinical Practice to Assess and Improve Quality of Care (Feldman L, Barkun J.)
  • Technology Assessment (Barkun J, Barkun A.)