The McGill Physiology Virtual Laboratory


This site was developed to provide a tutorial for the Introductory Physiology Laboratory offered at McGill University. As of Fall 2005, the introductory laboratory comprises the courses PHGY212 and 213.
The index to the left (repeated below) will lead you to the different exercises: some were done in previous years, some are current; they may not be performed in the same order. Refer to the schedule for each course and topic.

To access the Discussion Forum, to view a Web version of the course time table, to print the different sections of the lab manual (PHGY212 and PHGY213), please enter the McGill "
MyCourses" site. Announcements for this course will be posted on the "Mycourses site", please consult it periodically.

Refer to the pdf documents (or to the laboratory manual), and to the pre-lab lecture material before coming to the lab session to understand the data acquisition hardware/software used during computerized data acquisition. Statistics concepts are also described: you should be familiar with them. In general, you should come prepared for each lab: refer to this virtual lab, PHGY209/210 course material, and pre-lecture material ahead of time.
Biomedical signals acquisition (PHGY212)
Blood lab (PHGY212)
Resting membrane potential (PHGY212)
Immunology lab (PHGY212)
Cardiovascular (PHGY213)
Respiration (PHGY213) as performed in the lab sessions will not be available as a web document
Exercise lab (PHGY213)
Other experiments for interest only, not covered in the laboratory material:
(Electrooculogram, some biochemical/molecular techniques, Plaque forming assay, Respiration: theory and methods from previous years, CAP)

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