Bernard Robaire

Reproduction, Pharmacology & Toxicology


Funds currently held
CIHR, Project grant. Impact of the organophosphate ester flame retardants found in the Canadian environment on the reproductive system (Co-PI). 2018-2023
CIHR Team Grant: Environments and Health: Intersectoral Prevention Research, “Endocrine disrupting chemicals: Towards responsible replacements”, 2016-2021
James McGill Professor Award - Research Grant; 2002-2023
CIHR Institute of Gender and Health Team Grant: Advancing Research to Improve Boys and Men's Health, “Impact of paternal age on the health of gametes: risk of potential adverse outcomes”, PI: B. Robaire with P. Chan, A. Leader, M.C. Léveillé, and J. Chevrier; 2014-2019
FQRNT Regroupements stratégiques, "Réseau Québécois en reproduction (RQR)", PI: B. Murphy (U de M), with McGill U., U. du Québec à Trois-Rivières and U. Laval; 2012-2018. I am a member of the Common Facilities committee