Course 513-607: Principles of Inferential Statistics

Resources for Chapter 1 ( 513-607A   Principles of Inferential Statistics)

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Graphs Figures Tables Miscellaneous

  • Statistical Methods in NEJM articles (Table1)  (Tables 2_3)
  • Frequency Distributions and Other tables(Colton pp 18-19 20-21 22-23 24-25 26-27)
  • Asbestos Concentrations (pdf)
  • Blood lead levels -- N-HANES II (gif)
  • Blood lead levels in children of workers - Dot Diagram -- b (gif)
  • Caffeine half lives - Dot Diagram (gif)
  • Stem and Leaf Display (pdf)
  • Salaries of professional baseball players (gif)
  • What time does it show right now on your watch? (pdf)
  • What numbers do lotto 6/49 players select?? (pdf)
  • Mean or Median height? (gif)
  • Definition of average (Oxford English Dictionary) (pdf)
  • Cartoon (pdf)
  • Triazolam_pharmacokinetics (pdf)
  • Data about geriatric patients in RVH (pdf)
  • Epidurals for childbirth -- in late 1980's (pdf)
  • 4 distributions with same mean and same SD (gif)
  • Max ann. gauge reading, Roda Gage, Cairo, AD641-AD1946 (gif)
  • Chest circumferences of Scottish soldiers (Quetelet/Stigler) (gif)

  • Heights and Chest circumferences of Scottish militia men (Quetelet/Stigler) (gif)
  • Heights of French conscripts (Quetelet, from Stigler) (gif)
  • Heights of conscripts - French and dept. of Doubs (Bertillon, from Stigler (gif)

  • Z scores (from x to % via Z and Gaussian distribution) (gif)
  • The Normal Table [ M&M Table A ] (pdf)
  • Ways to generate numbers from a Gaussian Distribution (pdf)


  • A new survey of American men (pdf)
  • Interesting Differences: Comparative Study of Wealth (gif)
  • What statistical methods do journal readers need to understand? Do 75% of radiologists understand fewer statistical articles than the "average" radiologist? (pdf)
  • Visualizing the Median as the Minimum-Deviation Location (p1   p2  p3   java applet)

Datasets Spreadsheets

* SAS dataset versions of Moore and McCabe datasets

Exercise Windows Mac
1.22 and 1.45 (weight gain) ex1_022 ex1_022
1.24 and 1.52 (weight gain) ex1_024 ex1_024

* Other...