Lawrence Joseph
Bayesian statistics

Please Note: Prof. Joseph has retired.
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Course outline
Basic information
Instructor Lawrence Joseph
Credits 2
Course Objectives and Topics CoveredBayesian design and analysis with applications specifically geared towards epidemiological research. Topics may include a selection from multi-leveled hierarchical models, conditional logistic regression, diagnostic tests, Bayesian sample size methods, issues in clinical trials, measurement error and missing data. Programming in R and WinBUGS.
TimeTuesdays 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM (January 9 - April 10, 2018).
PlacePurvis Hall Room 48
AssessmentFive assignments, worth 20% each. There will be no midterm or final exams.
Textbook (for reference only)Andrew Gelman, John Carlin, Hal Stern and Donald Rubin. Bayesian Data Analysis, 2nd Edition, Chapman and Hall, 2003. Textbook review of Gelman et al
PrerequisitesEPIB 682 or permission from the instructor.