Research Interests

Statement of Research Interests

Delineating the mechanisms underlying the behaviour of physiological and biological systems is central for advancing our knowledge of human health. These highly nonlinear systems are usually investigated using experimental tools, but with the advance of the field of computational biology and nonlinear dynamics, they can now be analyzed theoretically. Understanding the various aspects of these physiological systems by developing mathematical models and designing computational tools to investigate them represents the core focus of our research group. These models provide important insights into the cellular and molecular processes occurring in these systems, as well as raise intriguing mathematical questions that are either tackled numerically using computational tools or theoretically using methods of nonlinear stability analysis. The three main goals of our research group can be summarized as follows:
The projects listed above are conducted in close collaboration with several experimental and theoretical laboratories belonging to different institutes and universities, including the National Institutes of Health (S.S. Stojilkovic and A. Sherman), University of Calgary (P. Santamaria), Baylor School of Medicine (M. Pietropaolo), Université de TOURS (A. Duittoz), the University of Michigan (S. Moenter and S. Schnell) and McGill University (C. Brown and D. Bowie).