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Royal Society of Canada

bravoCongratulations to Dr. Michael Pollak who has been elected to the Royal Society of Canada.


McGill Awards: Distinguished James McGill Professor; James McGill Professor

bravoCongratulations to Dr. Wilson Miller, Dr. Alain Nepveu and Dr. Jerry Pelletier who each received the Distinguished James McGill Professor award. 

Congratulations to Dr. Celia Greenwood on receiving the James McGill Professor award.



bravoCongratulations to Dr. Phil Gold who was promoted to Grands officiers (Grand Officer) and to Dr. Philippe Gros who has been named a Chevalier (Knight), of the Ordre National du Québec.



Comings bravo Julie Goudreault
Faculty Lecturer
Radiation Oncology
April 2019
Catherine Goudie
Associate Member
Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
April 2019

Opal app wins 2019 Coup de coeur des ministres honour

bravoCongratulations to Drs. Tarek Hijal, John Kildea and the late Laurie Hendren on receiving another award for their Opal Project. They received the 2019 Coup de coeur des ministres of Les Prix d'éxcellence du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux. For further information see the article in Med e-News.


Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence

bravoCongratulations to Dr. Sender Liberman on being named to the 2019-2020 Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence.


Honorary Doctorate

bravoCongratulations to Dr. Phil Gold who received an honorary doctorate from the University of British Columbia.


CQDM Funding for Biopharmaceutical Research Projects


Congratulations to Dr. Morag Park and her team, Dr. Mark Basik and his team and Drs. Alain Nepveu and Michael Witcher, on receiving funding from CQDM. For further information see article in Med e-News.

Quebec Cancer Consortium receives $27.9 million in funding


The Quebec Cancer Consortium for Novel Therapeutics and Biomarkers, led by the Goodman Cancer Research Centre, has received $10 million in new funding from the Ministère de l'Économie et de l'innovation du Québec in addition to the $17.9 million in contributions from 12 private, public and non-profit partners. The Consortium will be developing novel therapeutics and biomarkers for cancer. For further information see article in Med e-News.


Recent Promotion

bravoCongratulations to Dr. Mark Basik on his promotion to the rank of Full Professor effective June 1, 2019.



By John Kildea, Tarek Hijal and Jamil Asselah

It is with great sadness that we share with you the news that Laurie Hendren, our dear friend and co-lead on the Opal project, passed away on May 27th  following a brief deterioration in her illness. Laurie was a powerful woman who had great intellect, a profound sense of fairness, and remarkable clarity of mind. She was a professor of computer science at McGill, renowned for her excellence in research and teaching. Her research centered around compilers and computer programming languages. She received numerous awards for her academic achievements and was an elected fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

Recently, she was named the 2019 recipient of the Dahl-Nygaard prize, one of the most prestigious awards in computer science. Her research was her passion and she loved to teach and share her knowledge with her students.

We were introduced to Laurie in 2014 when she first received radiotherapy for breast cancer at the MUHC under Tarek’s care. From the beginning, Laurie wanted to help. Following conversations about the computational needs of radiation oncology, Tarek introduced Laurie to John and the three agreed to work together. The almost five years since have been a fun and rewarding adventure in patient involvement in research and care and in the development of the Opal patient portal. Laurie was uncompromising in her insistence that patients should have access to their medical data. She pointed out the numerous benefits this can bring to both patient and clinician. She was instrumental in the development of all aspects of Opal, including its design, the technical details, and advocacy within the MUHC and across the province. Although still in pilot release, Opal is now being used by almost 200 patients at the Cedars Cancer Centre.

Opal has received a number of awards, including a Quebec Prix de cancerologie, an honourable mention from the Washington-based Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care and the Merck Patients’First award. Most recently (May 31st) it won the Coup de Cœur des Ministres (Excellence awards from the Ministry of Health of Quebec).

Laurie’s wish was that Opal would be available to all patients in Quebec so that all patients who desire it can access their data and play an informed role in their medical care.

On June 1st La Presse featured an article on Laurie and the Opal project.


Marika Zelenka Roy Innovation Prize - Clinical Innovation Competition

bravoCongratulations to Dr. Shirin Enger, Dr. Gustavo Kertzscher and Mr. Liam Carroll (MSc Candidate) who are the recipients of the Marika Zelenka Roy Innovation Prize for their BetaSense project.