Oncology Education Committee

The Oncology Education Committee’s mission is to establish policies and directives for the training needs of all subgroups in oncology.  This committee, established in 2013, is the first committee in the history of the department to review education at all levels from undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate teaching programs.

Dr. Joanne Alfieri was appointed as Director of Education in the fall of 2017. 

Meeting Date Agenda
November 21, 2016 Agenda
May 12, 2015 Agenda
July 3, 2014 Agenda
October 9, 2013 Agenda


OEC Membership

Eduardo Franco - Chair
Joanne Alfieri
Jamil Asselah
Geralda Bacaj
Mark Basik
Jean-François Boileau
Chantale Cassis
Scott Owen
Gayle Shinder