Awards Committee

The Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology Awards Committee was established in 2011. Its mandate is to select a winner for the Department's awards in each of the following three categories: (i) Research or Clinical Service; (ii) Teaching & Mentorship; and (iii) Academic, Clinical or Research Support.  Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology Lifetime Achievement Awards are chosen by the Department Chair in consultation with the Dean's Office.

Awards Committee Membership

Eduardo Franco - Chair ex officio
Gerald Batist
Pnina Brodt
Shirin Abbasinejad Enger
Carolyn Freeman
Morag Park
Jaroslav Prchal
Christina Raneburger
Stéphane Richard
Gayle Shinder
Michael Thirlwell

Oncology Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

2018: Lawrence Panasci
2017  Philip Gordon
2016: Not offered
2015: Nicole Beauchemin
          Martin Black
2014: Philip Branton
          Michael Thirlwell
2013: Henry Shibata
          Neil MacDonald
2012: Phil Gold
          Ervin Podgorsak
2011: Balfour Mount
          Carolyn Freeman
          Richard Margolese

Research or Clinical Service Award

2018: Carolyn Freeman
2017: Antoine Loutfi
2016: Not offered
2015: Jerry Pelletier
2014: Jamil Asselah
2013: Luis Souhami
2012: Gerald Batist
2011: Henry Shibata

Teaching & Mentorship Award

2018: Scott Owen
2017: Joanne Alfieri
2016: Not offered
2015: Ari Meguerditchian
2014: Carmen Loiselle
2013: Lawrence Panasci
2012: Robin Cohen
2011: George Shenouda

Academic, Clinical or Research Support Award

2018: Lina Maglieri
2017: Penny Chipman
2016: Not offered
2015: Maria Fossetti
2014: Marianna Perna
2013: Annie Rompré
2012: Naomi Scobie
2011: Not offered in 2011