Lawrence Joseph
Bayesian statistics

Please Note: Prof. Joseph has retired.
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Course outline
Basic information
Instructors Jay S. Kaufman & Lawrence Joseph
Credits 1
Course Objectives and Topics CoveredThis course will introduce the student to statistical software and fundamentals of data management. This will include the basics of entering, manipulating data and elementary statistical analysis for epidemiologic research using R and STATA.
Time and PlaceThursdays 10:35-12:25 PM (Sept 6 - Nov 29) in Leacock 212
AssessmentPass/Fail based on class attendance and completion of in-class assignments
Software used in the courseR and WinBUGS are both free programs, click on their names to download.

Purchasing Stata 12: You can purchase STATA by going to their website here, where you should specify JSK11 for the GRADPLAN ID in order to obtain the student discount. There are several options for purchasing Stata that can be found here or here. We recommend that you purchase the perpetual license of STATA/IC 12. You should NOT purchase Small STATA, as it will not be sufficient for the master's level courses.
Teaching assistantBrittany McKinnon:
Office HoursFaculty and TA office hours are by appointment.
PrerequisitesEnrollment in Epidemiology Programs; EPIB 601, 602 and 607