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The Centre offers a number of educational opportunities each year in the fields of Tropical Medicine, Laboratory Parasitology and International Health.

1. CME    Tropical Diseases course- May 25-27, 2014


2. CME  One-day Laboratory course- May 24, 2014

3.  Public  Travel Health Website

4. CANTROPMED  Image Archive

5. Graduate  Tropical Medicine 4 week elective


Tropical Medicine Elective

4 week Tropical Medicine Elective: This elective for MDs consists of  hands-on participation in the daily Tropical Disease Clinic at the Montreal General Hospital under the supervision of the Clinical Staff. (See CVs) Patients are evaluated and presented daily. Approximately 1000 new patients are seen annually. A parallel Pretravel Clinic operates in the same location and serves 5000 travellers annually. Elective fellows participate in this activity as well. Afternoons are occupied in the Parasitology Laboratory under the supervision of four Laboratory Parasitology Technologists where a graduated program of diagnostic clinical parasitology is followed. An extensive set of laboratory specimens is available.

Requirements: A medical degree is required. There are only two elective slots available at any one time. The elective is recommended for medical residents training in microbiology, infectious disease, internal medicine and family medicine. It is also recommended for clinicians planning work in developing countries.

Individual training Sessions: Space is available within the Clinical Parasitology Laboratory for individualized periods of training.





Tropical and Parasitic Diseases: A clinical and laboratory update


This program will inform clinicians, nurses and laboratory personnel dealing with tourists, overseas employees, immigrants, refugees, volunteers, students and missionaries presenting with health problems acquired in the tropics. It is also a good review for those planning to work in the tropics. The presentations will be primarily problem oriented. Advances in understanding of new etiologic agents, pathophysiology, epidemiology and treatment will be highlighted. The lecture series is limited to 250 participants.

This course focuses on parasitic infections of importance for clinical practice in tropical countries. It also covers the most frequent imported parasitic infections in immigrants and travelers. The course is especially intended for microbiologists, infectious diseases and tropical medicine specialists and all practitioners interested in the laboratory diagnosis of parasitic diseases. It is a full day course and will include lectures, demonstrations and hands-on microscopy of various parasites. This lab course is limited to 40 participants.

CREDITS: For these course, we have requested 6.5 (laboratory course) and 19.5 (clinical course) Continuing Medical Education study credits from McGill University, Division of Continuing Medical Education (“CME”) which sponsors continuing medical education for physicians and is fully accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS), the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) for MAINPRO-M1 credits, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education of the United States (ACCME).
Daily sign-in registration will be required in order to receive certificate of participation.




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