McGilllogo.gif (2020 bytes) J.D. MacLean Centre for Tropical Diseases at McGill University

The McGill Centre for Tropical Disease is an academic centre of McGill University, operating within the Department of Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine since 1980. Activities include teaching, research and clinical service (first line and consultation) which are presented in this web site under the following headings:


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Education (including lecture  notes and listserv))   
wpe2.jpg (7566 bytes) Pretravel Centre
globlogo.gif (72875 bytes) Clinic for Tropical Diseases 
wpe7.jpg (5442 bytes) National Reference Centre for Parasitology
         Immunodiagnostic services
 Centre National de reference en Parasitologie   
         Service immunodiagnostique
microscope.gif (1936 bytes) Parasitology Laboratory Service 
        Sales of Parasitology Teaching Materials 
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         Research activities