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Please see Susan Rvachew's CV for a list of recent and past publications. For copies of any publications and presentations, please email Susan Rvachew at


Professor Susan Rvachew, her students and other members of the Child Phonology Lab frequently present symposia and workshops to speech-language pathologists, educators, scientists and the general public. Popular topics include:
  • The language rich classroom
  • The preschool foundations of literacy
  • Using eBooks to improve literacy
  • Treatment of speech sound disorders
  • Selecting treatment goals for children with speech sound disorders
  • Treatment of motor planning versus phonological planning disorders

  •   Book

    You can order Developmental Phonological Disorders – Foundations of Clinical Practice (Rvachew & Brosseau-Lapre), from Plural Publishing.
    Keep an eye out for the second edition, coming in 2017!

      Social Media

    Susan writes for two blogs, one that focuses on developmental phonological disorders and one that focuses on digital media and children, which is a part of the Digital Media Project and is a collaboration between Dr. Aparna Nadig, doctoral student Kathrin Rees and others.

       Follow Susan on Twitter: @ProfRvach

    Susan has appeared in two interviews for the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association:
    Interview 1
    Interview 2

    Susan has also been interviewed by Canal Savior's show Campus as well as by CTV Kitchner for the series Cyber Kids: