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Standards of Behaviour

Our Faculty strongly supports and acts upon the principles outlined in the following statement developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges for medical students.

The medical learning environment is expected to facilitate residents' acquisition of the professional and collegial attitudes necessary for effective, caring and compassionate health care. The development and nurturing of these attitudes is enhanced and, indeed, based on the presence of mutual respect between teacher and learner. Characteristic of this respect is the expectation that all participants in the educational program assume their responsibilities in a manner that enriches the quality of the learning process.

While these goals are primary to a school's educational mission, it must be acknowledged that the social and behavioural diversity of students, faculty, residents and staff, combined with the intensity of the interactions between them, will, from time to time, lead to alleged, perceived or real incidents of inappropriate behaviour or mistreatment of individuals. Examples of mistreatment include: sexual harassment; discrimination or harassment based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical handicap or age; humiliation, psychological or physical punishment and the use of grading and other forms of assessment in a punitive manner. The occurrence, either intentional or unintentional, of such incidents, results in disruption of the spirit of learning and a breach in the integrity and trust between teacher and learner.

In order to assure that all students have an opportunity to learn and work in a supportive environment, it is vital that the Dean's office be aware of problems should they arise. Any concern can be brought forward by speaking with or writing to the Associate Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education.

In the case of concerns related to sexual harassment, a formal university based structure has been established. Names and telephone numbers of Sexual Harassment Assessors may be obtained from the Deanery office or the McGill Dean of Students' office. You may speak to the Associate Dean of Postgraduate Medical Education or contact the Sexual Harassment Office directly (398-4911).

In the case of concerns related to Harassment, Intimidation, Discrimination or Abuse of Power:  McGill University has adopted a policy which covers every member of the university community, and this can be found at:  Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law



This page was last edited on 05 June, 2014