Verification of Training

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Verification of Training for Postgraduate Medical Education


NOTE: For M.D., C.M. degree verifcations, please click here: 



1. Online Request and Payment Form

  • For current trainees, as well as trainees who finished training within the last 12 calendar months:

There are no fees except in the event that a duplicate or replacement certificate is requested for which the fee is $100.

  • For previous trainees who finished training more than 12 calendar months ago:

Verification of training dates and program ONLY                      $ 50
Verification of training dates, program and performance         $ 100
Certificate duplicate or replacement                                         $ 100
Malpractice coverage and history verification                           $ 50


Please note that we do not have records for training that occurred prior to 1972. To verify training that occurred prior to 1972, please submit a request to the DPS office of the hospital where the training occured.

Click here to access the Request and Payment Form.

Please note that only online payments are accepted and that cheques are not accepted.

For fee exemption as per above, the McGill ID number has to be entered on the request form.

2. Signed Authorization to Release Information by the Physician


Please note that requests for verification will only be processed once the appropriate fee and the signed authorization to release information by the physician have been received.

If we have not received them within 3 months after the date of your application, your request for credentialing will be cancelled without refund.

It takes 8 weeks to process a complete request. Please note that no information is given out over the telephone.

Click here to check the status of your request.


You can mail, fax or email signed releases and verification forms to be completed to:

Postgraduate Medical Education
c/o Training verification
Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
3655 Promenade Sir William Osler, 6th floor (Room 601)
Montreal, QC H3G 1Y6
Tel: 514-398-5673
Fax: 514-398-3595







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