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RAMQ-Remunerated Extensions of Training (formation complémentaire)

There are 5 pathways to apply for admission for post-residency training funded by the Ramq:

  1. One year extension of training for recruitment purposes: Ramq-remunerated Medical Residents registered in a Royal College residency who successfully complete their residency may be eligible to obtain an extension of training to complete a Ramq-remunerated Fellowship i.e., formation complémentaire. These requests are approved by the CVDFM and the MSSS (see instruction). You must apply online:, and submit a complete file by September 1, 2013. Inquiries should be sent to For the Fellowship descriptions please refer to:

  2. An extension to complete a second Royal College residency (e.g. 2 years of Maternal Fetal Medicine): You must apply online:, and submit a complete file.  Inquiries should be sent to

    Information about funding for groups 1 and 2:

    1. If you are a McGill resident being recruited by the McGill Faculty of Medicine or if you are a resident in training at another Quebec university and wish to pursue training at McGill in order to be recruited by a Quebec non-university hospital, please follow the process outlined in section 1 and 2 above and complete the formulaire de formation complémentaire in full and submit via email with a firm letter of job offer from the recruiter (the university or the non-university hospital) to:

    2. If you are a resident registered in another Quebec university and are being recruited by a Quebec Faculty of Medicine other than McGill: Please contact one of the following:

  3. Trainees currently registered at McGill in either Adult Hematology or Medical Oncology:  a 6th year of training in the sister discipline is possible.  An e-mail from the target Program Director to accepting the trainee is required.  There is no need to complete the formation complémentaire form as no MSSS approval is required.

  4. Bursary from the Fonds de Recherche en Santé du Québec (FRSQ):  The Faculty of Medicine PGME Officer at the target university (for McGill ) requires a copy of the award letter.  There is no need to complete the formation complémentaire form as no MSSS approval is required.

  5. Trainees applying to and accepted by the McGill CIP or the CSP must complete the formation complémentaire form, but do not require signatures from a recruiting hospital.  Forms are to be sent to

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