Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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The range of  patients that may benefit from plastic and reconstructive surgery is of all ages and types: from the child with a birth defect, to the young adult injured in an accident, or the older adult with a problem caused by aging.
The following links provide information about the procedures that plastic and reconstructive surgeons provide at the MUHC:

Plastic Surgery:

bulletPlastic Surgery Basics
bulletProcedures of the Breast
bulletProcedures of the Face, Head and Neck
bulletOther Cosmetic Procedures
bulletOther Reconstructive Procedure

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Dental Implantology:

bulletJaw Surgery (pdf-file)
bulletDental Implants (pdf-file)
bulletTMJ (pdf-file)
bulletFacial Injuries (pdf-file)
bulletTeeth (pdf-file)
Craniofacial Surgery:
bulletCleft Lip and Palate
Hand Surgery:
bulletProcedures of the Hand