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Dr. Orlowski is involved in teaching for the following courses:

PHGY351     RESEARCH  TECHNIQUES  IN  PHYSIOLOGY 3 Credits (more info here)

Course Description: The course provides an overview of common research methods in Physiology, including critical analysis and practical experience with some of the methods.  Topics include ethics of animal experimentation, instruments signal analysis, membrane biophysics, radioimmunoassay, ion sensitive dyes, immunocytochemistry, auto radiography, electron microscopy, and molecular biology.

PHGY459 D1 & D2    PHYSIOLOGY  SEMINAR 6 Credits  (more info here)

Course Description:  Discussion on topics in mammalian, cellular, and molecular physiology.  Students will be required to write an essay and make at least one oral presentation per term.  A final course essay is required. Required course for U3 Physiology Honours Students.

PHGY461 D1 & D2    EXPERIMENTAL  PHYSIOLOGY - 9 Credits (more info here)

Course Description: Individual project work under the supervision of Departmental staff members.   Open to limited number of students.  Required course for U3 in Physiology Honours Program and the Joint Major Program in Physiology and Physics and Physiology and Math.

PHGY508     ADVANCED  RENAL  PHYSIOLOGY - 3 Credits (more info here)

Course Description: Lectures and seminars will cover advanced concepts in selected areas of kidney physiology (glomerular and tubular function) as well as membrane and epithelial transport.  Students will be expected to critically discuss selected experimental papers.  Limited enrollment.  Open to advanced undergraduate and graduate students.

PHGY552     CELLULAR & MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGY 3 Credits (more info here)

Course Description: Discussions of recent significant and advances in our understanding of the gene products involved in diverse cellular signaling pathways.  Topics will include cell-surface hormone receptors, nuclear steroid hormone receptors, and ion channels and transporters.  Students will present and critically evaluate experimental approaches, results and interpretations of selected research publications.



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