Welcome to the Jones Lab of Cancer Metabolism and Immunology

Top: Nutrients are essential for cellular proliferation.
Right: 18FDG-PET images glucose uptake in tumours

We are a research laboratory at the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Centre and the Department of Physiology at McGill University.

Our research program is focused on deciphering the biological perturbations that underlie the development and progression of cancer. Cancer is essentially a disease in which cells have lost their normal checks on cell proliferation. Our laboratory has specific interest in studying how cancer cells regulate their proliferation and evade death. The strategy of my laboratory is to investigate how alterations in cellular metabolism and energy use contribute to tumourigenesis.

Some of the major questions we are investigating include:

How do cancer cells fuel themselves?
How do cells adapt to metabolic stress during unchecked growth?
What impact does metabolic regulation play in cancer progression?
Are metabolic pathways good targets for cancer therapy?

By investigating the relationship between metabolism and cancer, we hope to gain greater knowledge about how biosynthesis and energy control is altered in cancer, which will help us develop novel and innovative approaches towards cancer prevention, diagnosis, and therapy.

We are currently recruiting motivated graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to join our team. Please email your CV and interest to Russell Jones: