Department of Physiology, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada















































































Dr. Hanrahan with Charles (11) and Élisabeth Lefebvre (13). 
Photo taken by Pierre Guzzo for the Association québécoise de la fibrose kystique.

Dr. Hanrahan's Biographical Sketch

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Research Associates:                                           

Annick Guyot, Ph.D.

Lab manager

Renaud Robert, Ph.D.

Director, Primary Culture Facility

Project:  Identification and functional studies of CFTR correctors.

Post-doctoral Fellows:

Dusik Kim, Ph.D.

Project: Airway surface liquid pH during CO2 oscillation


Arnaud Billet, Ph.D.

Project: Study of the cellular mechanisms involved in CFTR regulation by alternatives pathway

Graduate Students:

Junwei Huang, Ph.D. student

Project: New Approaches for CF research and drug discovery.

Jiajie (Danny) Shan, Ph.D. student

Project: Bicarbonate secretion and pH regulation in airway epithelial cells.


Adeline Wohlhuter, Ph.D. student

Project: Study of the CFTR interactome.

Research Assistants:
Julie Goepp, M.Sc.

Project: Research Administrator, Primary Culture Facility

On maternity leave

Elizabeth Matthes, B.Sc.

Project: Drug Discovery

Undergraduate / Summer Students:

Our precious collaborators:

The FVB ΔF508 Mouse


Freddy the Lizard



People who have completed their training in the laboratory:


M.Sc. Students:

Na Liu

Colin Chang

Tom Irvine

Jonathon Tryansky, Associate General Counsel, Vector Aerospace, Toronto

Deborah Hinkson, Genetics councillor, Oakville hospital, ON

Jiexin Luo

Ph.D. Students:

Nathan Scales

Catalin Pavel, Technical Specialist, Olympus Canada

Heika Silveira (primary supervisor: Dr. Fernando Cervero), Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alberta

Post-doctoral Fellows:

Pierre Lesimple

Haouaria Balghi, CEGEP Teacher, Montreal

Renaud Robert (, Research associate, Department of Physiology, McGill University

Ian Bates (, Cellular Imaging specialist, Zeiss Canada

Juan Ianowski ( Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, University of Saskatchewan

Matthew Loewen ( Assistant Professor, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

My-Anh Wioland, Director, Scientific Affairs, Consultpharm Inc, Montreal

Valerie Chappe (, Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophyscics, Dalhousie University

Annick Guyot (, Research associate, Department of Physiology, McGill University

Daniel Howell (, Associate Professor, Department of Biology and Chemistry Liberty University

Tang Zhu

Yanlin Jia (, Principal Scientist at Merck, greater New York City area

David Dahan

Paul Linsdell (, Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophyscics, Dalhousie University

Ceri Mathews, Commercialization Manager, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, Salisbury, UK

Ryszard Grygorczyk (, Professor, Department of Medicine, Université de Montreal


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