Dr. Cuello's Research Laboratory


Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University


Lab Group

Wanda C Leon


  • Merida, Venezuela


  • I obtained my medical degree at the Universidad de Los Andes (Merida, Venezuela) in 1998. Afterward, I worked as a general practitioner for about 2 years. Currently, I’m a staff member of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Universidad de Los Andes (Merida,Vzla). I enrolled in the Pharmacology PhD program at McGill in September 2004 and I’m currently on the verge of completing my PhD.

Research Interests:

  • Alzheimer’s disease, Learning and Memory

Current projects:

  • My research has been focused on studying the different brain areas involved in recent spatial memory formation. Currently, I am involved in the behavioral characterization of a new transgenic rat model of AD-like amyloid pathology. We have performed different behavioral tasks to access the cognitive functions in our recently developed transgenic rat. My studies in the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics at McGill have been supported by the Universidad de los Andes (Merida, Venezuela).

Extracurricular Interests and Activities:

  • Learning about different cultures. Doing sports (spinning). Sharing social moments, like drinking wine at Amelio’s with my peers.