Dr. Cuello's Research Laboratory


Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University


Lab Group

Edward N. Wilson


  • Halifax, Nova Scotia


  • I completed a Bachelor's Degree (Honours) in Science with double majors in Biology and Neuroscience from Dalhousie University, and a Master's Degree in Science from McGill University.

  • I earned my PhD in Dr. Cuello's laboratory through McGill University's Integrated Program In Neuroscience.

Research Interests:

  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of neural plasticity.

  • Learning and Memory.

  • Experimental therapeutics.

  • Oxidative and Inflammatory Mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease.

Current projects:

   At the moment working on understanding the (dys)regulation of the transcription factor CREB and its contribution to Alzheimer’s disease in a transgenic rat model of Aβ neuropathology.

  Investigating whether modifying early oxidative stress and neuroinflammatory processes alter aspects of the Alzheimer's neuropathology.

Extracurricular Interests and Activities:

  • Traveling

  • Running

  • Surfing


Contact information: edward.wilson@mail.mcgill.ca