Dr. Cuello's Research Laboratory


Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University


Lab Supporters

Dr. Alan C. Frosst serves as the principal contact on behalf of the Frosst family that has been associated closely with Merck Frosst Canada and the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University for the endowment of the Charles E. Frosst / Merck Chair in Pharmacology and Therapeutics. His early research was as a chemist at Charles E. Frosst & Co. in Montreal, following which he pursued academic research and served for many years in senior academic research administrative positions.


Dr. Frosst’s close association with Dr. Claudio Cuello’s laboratory led to a distinct and separate initiative supported by the Frosst family in co-operation with Merck Frosst Canada to establish the Charles E. Frosst / Merck Postdoctoral Fellowship. This Fellowship, created in 2005, has offered additional, essential support to Dr. Cuello’s research group. Combined with operating funding for the position, the Fellowship has provided strategic manpower at a time when the Group’s efforts required enhanced capability.

Alan Frosst has served in several industrial leadership capacities through technology spin-off companies that were developed out of the results from academic research. His knowledge about the research enterprise combined with the essential philosophy that was the hallmark of his Grandfather’s pharmaceutical company have served well in the collaborative nature of the Chair at McGill University.


COEN (Centers of Excellent in Neurodegeneration)