Dr. Cuello's Research Laboratory


Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University


Lab Group

Maria Tereza Ferretti


  • Cagliari (Sardegna, Italy)


  • I completed my Master in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at University of Cagliari, Italy.

  • During my years of University, I spent 10 months in Spain (Valencia) as an exchange student (Erasmus program).

  • After University, I worked for 6 months in the Centre of Excellence for Drug Discovery (CEDD) in Psychiatry of Glaxo Smith and Klein (Harlow, UK).

  • I am currently a PhD student in Dr Cuello’s lab, within the Graduate Program of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

Research Interests:

  • My main interest is to elucidate early, pathological events in the progression of the Alzheimer’s disease (AD). To do so, I am currently working with the transgenic mouse McGill-Thy1-APP, which recapitulates most of the features of the amyloid-like pathology. Using this model, I am studying the role of neuroinflammation in the earliest stages of the Abeta pathology.

Current projects:

  • Characterization of a pro-inflammatory process in young, pre-plaque McGill-Thy1-APP mice. (manuscript submitted)

  • Effect of the anti-inflammatory drug minocycline at early stages of Alzheimer-like amyloid pathology in the McGill-Thy1-APP mouse model of AD. (manuscript in preparation)

  • Optimization of an in-vitro system to study the interactions between neurons and glia in the context of intracellular Abeta pathology. (in progress)

Extracurricular Interests and Activities:

  • I am extremely fond of good books, good movies and travels.

  • I practice Yoga on a current base, and I occasionally play all sort of sports (winter sports, squash, tennis, volleyball, swimming, climbing) for the fun of it.

  • I am part of the Italian scientific association CSIQ (Comunita’ scientifica italiana, sezione Quebec).