Dr. Cuello's Research Laboratory


Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University

Lab Group

Back Row: Dr. Hélène Hall, Dr. Lionel Breuillaud, Dr. Simon Allard, Edward Wilson, Molly Jacobs

Front Row:  Ludmilla Boyer, Dr. Sonia Do Carmo, Adriana Ducatenzeiler, Dr. Claudio Cuello, Florencia Iulita and Lisi Flores Aguilar


  • Senior Lab Technician and Lab Manager

Adriana Ducatenzeiler

  • Research Assistant

Molly Jacobs

  • Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr. Simon Allard
Dr. Sonia Do Carmo
Dr. Hélène Hall
Dr. Lionel Breuillaud

  • PhD Students

M. Florencia Iulita
Luisa Pimentel
Edward Wilson
Lisi Flores Aguilar

  • Undergraduate Students

Lindsay Welikovitch

  • Past Lab Members

Dr. Cecilia E. Hanzel
Alison Ower, BSc.
Dr. Maria Teresa Ferretti
Dr. Wanda Leon

Dr. Fabio Canneva
Aaron Hackett, M.Sc