Dr. Cuello's Research Laboratory


Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University


Lab Group

Cecilia E. Hanzel


  • Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • 2010 to date. Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University.

  • 2004-2009. Doctor of the University of Buenos Aires Argentina, field Toxicology. Dissertation Title: “Mechanisms underlying thallium neurotoxicity”.

  • 1999-2003 Biochemist, orientation: Microbiology and Immunology. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Research Interests:

  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms of pathology in Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

Current projects:

  • I am currently investigating the role of the intracellular Aβ peptides in the “latent or preclinical stages” of the AD amyloidal pathology. Using a novel transgenic rat model I want to study the pathological mechanisms that take place at a very early stage of AD and that determine the progression from a non-clinical to a clinical stage of the disease. Therefore, I will study if the accumulation of intracellular Aβ peptide (building block of the amyloid plaque) unleashes a pro-oxidative and pro-inflammatory process that precedes any brain pathology (MCI or early AD). The results this research would allow us to identify yet unknown therapeutic targets at initial AD stages such that the disease process, if not halted could be delayed.

Extracurricular Interests and Activities:

  • traveling

  • classical music: concerts and opera

  • international cinema

  • diverse cultural activities

  • foreign languages