Rossy Cancer Network

The Rossy Cancer Network (RCN), an initiative sparked by the vision of and generous donation from the Rossy Family Foundation, was inaugurated in March 2012. The initiative brings together McGill and its teaching hospitals (McGill University Health Centre, Jewish General Hospital, St. Mary's Hospital Center) with the goal of integrating cancer care across the hospital sites. Gerald Bronfman Department of Oncology faculty members who are part of the RCN Executive Committee include Drs. Eduardo Franco, Wilson Miller, Armen Aprikian, Gerald Batist, Adrian Langleben and Ari Meguerditchian.

Cancer Clinical Trials Website for McGill-affiliated Hospitals: Click here


RCN Appointments

Clinical Lead
Dr. Wilson Miller

Oncology Leads (Members of the Program Steering Committee)
Dr. Armen Aprikian (McGill University Health Centre)
Dr. Gerald Batist (Jewish General Hospital)
Dr. Adrian Langleben (St. Mary's Hospital Center)

Cancer, Quality and Innovation Lead
Dr. Ari Meguerditchian

Disease Site Leads or Co-Leads
Dr. Jamil Asselah (breast)
Dr. Thierry Alcindor (gastrointestinal)
Dr. Khalil Sultanem (head and neck)
Drs. Franck Bladou and Simon Tanguay (genito-urinary)
Dr. John Storring (hematologic malignancy)
Drs. Victor Cohen and Scott Owen (lung)
Drs. Walter Gotlieb and Xing "Ziggy" Zeng (gynecological disease)

The disease site teams focus on the following:
    -Developing network-wide clinical guidelines.
    -Defining clinical indicators to measure treatment outcomes.
    -Serving as a direct link for clinical trials.
    -Implementing synoptic pathology reporting.
    -Driving improvement initiatives.


Recipients of 2015 Cancer Quality & Innovation Research Grants

* Members of the Department of Oncology

Sarit Assouline*, Laurent Azoulay*, Pierre Laneuville*, Jaroslav Prchal*
Adherence to guidelines in the management of chronic myeloid leukemia in Quebec 

Francesco Carli, Marylise Boutros, Julio Fiore, Gabriela Ghitulescu, Thomas Jagoe*, A. Sender Liberman*, Nancy Morin, Celena Scheede-Bergdahl and collaborators Andreas Bergdahl, Patrick Charlebois, José Morais, Barry Stein*, Carol-Ann Vasilevsky*
Using multimodal prehabilitation to improve outcomes for frail patients undergoing resection of colorectal cancer

Jeffrey Chankowsky, Jaykumar Nair, Stephen Probst, Caroline Reinhold, George Shenouda*, Khalil Sultanem*, Carlos Torres, Martin Vallières, Anthony Zeitouni
Marching Ahead: Imaging Biomarkers, a new revolution in patient management and care for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) positive oropharyngeal cancer

Reza Forghani, Sabrina Daniela Da Silva, Michael Hier*, Mark Leventhal, Alex Mlynarek, George Shenouda*, Khalil Sultanem*, Tan Xianming
Spectral dual energy CT and textural radiogenomic analysis for optimal tumor delineation, patient staging and biomarker for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Jordi Perez, Bernard Lapointe*, Yoram Shir
Ultra-low dose methadone as coadjuvant opioid therapy for cancer pain

Jana Taylor, Geneviève Belley, Victor Cohen*, Vera Hirsh*, Jaykumar Nair, Stephen Probst, Caroline Reinhold, Martin Vallières
Texture Imaging: A novel technique to guide treatment and improve quality of life in patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC)


Recipients of the 2015 Quality Improvement Initiatives Fund (QI2)

* Members of the Department of Oncology

Erin Cook, Patrice Geairon, Melany Leonard, David Melnychuk*, Sabrina Narbonne, John Storring*
Feasibility study for an oncology urgent care clinic

Maria Belén Herrero, Thierry Alcindor*, William Buckett, Serge Carrier, Peter Chan, Richard Dalfen*, Jeremy Sturgeon*
Towards a gold standard in fertility preservation care for male patients with newly diagnosed cancer

Petr Kavan*, Thierry Alcindor*, William Buckett, Sherry Hogan, Aline Mamo, Miranda Stavrides
Improving quality of life and care of adolescent and young adults with cancer withn Rossy Network hospitals

Andrea Laizner, Laura Delany, Sylvie Lambert, Suzanne O'Brien, Andréanne Robitaille, Zeev Rosberger*, Kimberley Thibodeau
"Start the Talk" online modules: Support for cancer patients and their children


Recipients of the 2014 Rossy Cancer Network Research Fund

* Members of the Department of Oncology

Kidney Cancer
Franck Bladou*, Maurice Anidjar, Wassim Kassouf, Simon Tanguay*, Yannick Cerantola
Improving the quality of care to kidney cancer patients undergoing nephrectomy: Introduction of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program

Oesophago-gastric Cancer
Lorenzo Ferri*, Thierry Alcindor*, Gad Friedman, Gaetano Morelli, Kevin Waschke
Streamlining the trajectory for patients with Oesophago-gastric cancer: The STOP Cancer Initiative

Breast Cancer
Donna Stern*, Tarek Hijal*, Neil Kopek*, Susan Law, Ilja Ormel
Women's experience with breast cancer

Prostate Cancer
Alice Dragomir, Franck Bladou*, Fabio Cury*, Olga Guerra, Wassim Kassouf, Marie Vanhuyse*
Castration-resistant prostate cancer: Evaluation of the quality of care, disease management, and associated costs in a real-life setting

Psychosocial Oncology
Rosana Faria, Manon Allard, Marc David*, Sergio Faria*, Lisa Kathryn Goldenberg, Jeannie Haggerty, Tarek Hijal*, George Michaels, Marc Pineault
Looking forward: The impact of a supportive re-entry program tailored by and for patients completing cancer treatment

Lymphedema and Gynecological Cancer
Shirin Shallwani, Lucy Gilbert*, Walter Gotlieb*, Pamela Hodgson, Lisa Kham, Sarah Khan, Anna Towers*, Sharon Salvador, Angela Yung, supported by their collaborators, Rachel Pritzker, Judith Soicher, Jadranka Spahija
Effect of early compression therapy on incidence of lymphedema in patients treated for gynecological cancer