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2013 Annual Report

Foreword by the Chair

In August 2013, I transitioned from the position of Interim Chair to Chair of the Department of Oncology. As part of the restructuring process the Faculty is undergoing, I reviewed the list of Oncology Faculty who were cross-appointed to other University departments and eliminated those whose fit was no longer relevant to our Department. There are currently 238 Faculty: 34 Professors, 42 Associate Professors, 67 Assistant Professors, 9 Faculty Lecturers, 47 Associate Members, 30 Adjunct Professors, 3 Affiliate Members, and 6 Emeritus Professors. In 2013 the Faculty of Medicine began updating their procedures for academic staff evaluations (to be implemented in 2014). Using the Faculty’s guidelines, I created an Evaluation Metrics document with the help of Dr. Gayle Shinder and Ms. Waheeda Esmail, as well as the invaluable feedback from members of the Department’s Tenure & Promotions Committee. Our Evaluation Metrics document was one of two chosen by the Faculty of Medicine as examples of model criteria to be presented at the Academic Leadership Forum, led by the Provost. We also modified the Faculty’s self-evaluation forms (CAS Clinical, CAS Professional, Tenure Track–Basic Research, Tenure Track–Clinician) to suit our Department’s needs.

I also assisted in 2013 the integration of the Rossy Cancer Network into the scope of activities of the Department of Oncology. The former is a formidable structure that has begun to make major inroads in improving the quality of care for our cancer patients and their appreciation of the effectiveness of cutting edge treatment they receive at McGill-affiliated hospitals. The Chair of the Department of Oncology is now a permanent member of the Rossy Network’s Executive Committee, and as such, he/she will oversee the academic mission of the network and make it a platform for training the next generation of oncologists and generating the research that will be translated into improvements in cancer care in the future.

In January 2013 I became the Editor-in-Chief of one of the leading public health journals, Preventive Medicine (5-year Impact Factor in 2012, 4.257), making our department one of the few at McGill to house a world-class medical journal. In 2013 the journal received 1021 new submissions, a 6.8% increase from 2012.

We ended 2013 on a sad note with the passing on December 29th of Dr. Parviz Ghadirian, Adjunct Professor in the Department who was a key contributor to our teaching in oncology. For more than 20 years he lectured to our graduate students and fellows on nutrition and cancer.

May 2014

Eduardo L. Franco, DrPH, FRSC, FCAHS
James McGill Professor and Chair, Department of Oncology

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