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Goings bravo Dr. Issam El Naqa (Medical Physics)
May 2015

Dr. Alasdair Syme
(Medical Physics)
August 2015


Comings bravo Arezu Jahani-Asl, July, 2015
Assistant Professor
Basic Cancer Research

Congratulations to the recipients of CIHR Foundation Grants


Of the 24 inaugural CIHR Foundation Grants awarded to McGill researchers, 5 were awarded to Dept. of Oncology members for a combined total of $10.6 million.
1. Laurent Azoulay: Cancer pharmacoepidemiology: a population-based assessment of the risks of prescription drugs in vulnerable populations
2. Eduardo Franco: Research Program on the Epidemiology and Prevention of Human Papillomavirus Infection and Associated Cancers 
3. Morag Park: Mechanisms of Met activation in cancer and therapeutic intervention
Janusz Rak: Targeting vascular mechanisms of cancer progression
Jan Seuntjens: Monte Carlo techniques in the optimization of radiation therapy delivery and outcomes


Dr. Gerald Batist re-appointed as Chief of Oncology at the JGH

Segal Cancer Centre for News Page

Congratulations to Dr. Gerald Batist on his recent re-appointment as Chief of Oncology at the Jewish General Hospital.


Oncology at the MUHC is now at the Glen Site

MUHC Glen Site

Most of the Department of Oncology members who are based at the MUHC have now moved to the Glen Site at 1001 D├ęcarie Blvd.  The Cedars Cancer Centre is located there as is the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Children's Hospital and the MUHC Research Institute.


Prostate Cancer Canada - Movember Discovery Grants

bravoCongratulations to Drs. Armen Aprikian, Ivan Topisirovic, Michel Tremblay and Jian Hui Wu who were awarded Movember Discovery Grants from Prostate Cancer Canada for the following projects:

Armen Aprikian (PI is Dr. Alice Dragomir): Development of a clinical and economic model for evaluating new tests or strategies of diagnosis, treatment and management of prostate cancer

Ivan Topisirovic: Resolving gene expression landscapes in prostate cancer through ex-vivo modelling of stromal-epithelial cross-talk.

Michel Tremblay: Characterization and prognostic potential of the prostate cancer genetic-susceptibility amplicon on chromosome 20q13 during tumour progression.

Jian Hui Wu: Development of human STING agonists for prostate cancer immunotherapy.