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Comings and Goings

Comings bravo Marie-Claude Joncas, March 2015
Clinical Research Program

Aline Mamo
, March 2015
Clinical Research Program
Nan Zheng, March 2015
Financial Administrator
Clinical Research Program

Goings bravo Winie Celestin, January, 2015
Accounts Administrator and VSPO Coordinator
Chair's Office
Neena Bindra, February, 2015
Financial Administrator
Clinical Research Program

Penny Chipman, March, 2015
Clinical Research Program


bravoCongratulations to Dr. Vera Hirsh on her promotion to Full Professor.


Rossy Cancer Network


Dr. Walter Gotlieb and Dr. Xing "Ziggy" Zeng have been appointed as the Co-leads for gynecological disease.




The Department of Oncology is pleased to announce that once again the McGill University Health Centre was the number one in North America (and second in the world) in numbers of patients accrued to NRG Oncology trials. This achievement would not have been possible without the participation, dedication and hard work of Drs. Luis Souhami, Michael Thirlwell, Lucy Gilbert and many others in the McGill oncology community.



Goings bravo Dr. Catherine Milne (Surgical Oncology)
December 2014

Dr. Vanessa Dumeaux
(Basic Research)
November 2014

Dr. Shirley Lehnert (Medical Physics)
October 2014

Cancer Quality and Innovation Research Grants 2015


The Rossy Cancer Network (RCN) has announced the second edition (2015) of its Cancer Quality and Innovation Research Grants. The goal of this program is to support research initiatives in improving cancer care quality at McGill hospitals. The Cancer Quality and Innovation (CQI) program builds on the exceptional pool of expertise across the partner institutions that make up the RCN: the McGill University Health Centre, St. Mary’s Hospital Center, the Jewish General Hospital, and the McGill Faculty of Medicine.

The RCN Research Fund helps to support the unprecedented collaboration among the McGill-affiliated cancer missions which is at the heart of the network, by promoting continuous improvement projects, sharing best practices and developing research and training platforms for the rapid generation of scientific knowledge related to cancer care quality.

The RCN Research Grants range from $50,000 to $100,000 and are open to all health professionals who provide care to cancer patients in the network’s partner hospitals, including physicians, nurses, rehabilitation experts, nutritionists, psychosocial health experts and allied health professionals. In order to support a collaborative approach, project teams must include co-applicants from at least two of the partner hospitals. Proposals will be accepted starting January 16 2015.


Rossy Cancer Network


Dr. John Storring has been appointed as the Hematologic Malignancy Disease Site Lead.

Drs. Victor Cohen and Scott Owen have been appointed as the Co-Leads for Lung Disease.