Gerald  Batist


Oncology; Medicine

Helen & Sam Steinberg Family Career Scientist
Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences

Jewish General Hospital
3755 Côte Ste Catherine
Room E538
Montreal, QC H3T 1E2

Telephone: (514) 340-8222 X 25418

Education: M.D. C.M., McGill University; B.S., Columbia University

Clinical Focus: Medical Oncology

Research Focus: Molecular Pharmacology; Chemoprevention; Novel Therapeutics; Personalized Medicine

Recent Presentations:

2014 Presentations

Madrid Spain, International Cancer Conference 2014 (IGICC), Sanofi Canada, Feb.21: ICC Conference ‘Meet the Professor’, Feb. 22, Invited Speaker Topic: Q-CROC Biomarker Research: Overview of the Q-CROC platform and objectives; overview of the Q-CROC 01 and 02 studies. Feb.21-22

Toronto, NCIC CTG Workshop, Towards a Pan-Canadian Personalized Medicine Cancer Trials Platform, Speaker, Title “Patient profiling to identify future trial participants”. May 1

Chicago, ASCO-Annual Meeting, Speaker/ GI Consultation Meeting, topic: Overview and Update of QCROC 01-04 molecular biomarker study. May 31-June 3

London,UK, IDBS Connect 2014, Invited Presenter, Topic: Collaboration in Translational Sciences & Personalized Medicine with Dr. Robin Munro, IDBS Video interview at the event: “Industry trends in the lab informatics space and the main challenges researchers are facing today” to be used for internal and external IDBS communications. June 17-19

Paris, WIN 2014 Symposium, Moderator, Plenary Session: Combinations of targeted therapies. June 23-24

Montreal-MNI, Personalized Medicine Conference, Invited on Panel: From Research to Clinical Practice with A Grant, M Leblanc, C Deakin. September 9

Montreal, Palais des Congrès, 20th International Congress on Palliative Care (CPAC), Invited Speaker, Talk: Developing Clinical Indicators in a McGill-Wide Network- The Rossy Cancer Network. September 11

Montreal, Goodman Cancer Centre, McGill-Stem Cell Open Discussion, Invited speaker, title: Stem cells/ Regenerative. Medicine at the JGH/Lady Davis Institute. November 24

Montreal, McGill – 4th Annual Symposium of the Gerald Bronfman Centre for Clinical Research in Oncology, Invited Speaker, title: The ExACCT Program: New paradigms for research and implementation of novel cancer therapeutics. November 24

Recent Publications:

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