Jan  Seuntjens



James McGill Professor

Director Medical Physics Academic Program
Medical Physics Unit
Montreal General Hospital
1650 Cedar Avenue
Montreal, QC H3G 1A4

Telephone: 514-934-1934 X 44124
E-mail: jan.seuntjens@mcgill.ca

Education: Ph.D., M.Sc., University of Ghent, Belgium

Clinical Focus: Radiation Oncology

Research Focus: Radiation Dosimetry; Monte Carlo Simulation; 4D Radiation Therapy; Ionization Chambers.

Recent Presentations:

Workshop closing and future directions.5th International Workshop on Monte Carlo Techniques in Medical Physics, Quebec City (June 20, 2014).

Applications of Monte Carlo calculation techniques in the radiation therapy clinic.South California Chapter of the AAPM, Los Angeles, CA, USA (January 24, 2014).

Link between Standards Labs and Clinics.NRC-SIM Workshop National Research Council Canada (NRC), National Research Council Canada, Ottawa (October 25, 2013).

Reference dosimetry of small and composite radiation therapy fields.University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, (April 2, 2013).

Recent Publications:

Connell T, Seuntjens J.
(2014) Design and validation of novel scattering foils for modulated electron radiation therapy. Phys Med Biol. 59(10):2381-91.

Connell T, Alexander A, Papaconstadopoulos P, Serban M, Devic S, Seuntjens JP
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Conneely E, Alexander A, Ruo R, Chung E, Seuntjens J., Foley MJ. 
(2014) Monte Carlo investigation of collapsed versus rotated IMRT plan verification. J Appl Clin Med Phys. 15(3):4681. doi: 10.1120/jacmp.v15i3.4681. 

Tomic N, Quintero C, Whiting BR, Aldelaijan S, Bekerat H, Liang L, DeBlois F, Seuntjens J, Devic S.

(2014) Characterization of calibration curves and energy dependence GafChromic(TM) XR-QA2 model based radiochromic film dosimetry system. Med Phys. 41(6):062105. doi: 10.1118/1.4876295.

H Bekerat, S. Devic, F. Deblois, K. Singh, A. Sarfhenia, J Seuntjens, S.Shih, X. Gyu, and D. Lewis.
(2014) Improving the Energy Response of External Beam Therapy (EBT) GAFCHROMIC™ Dosimetry Films at Low Energies (≥100 keV), Med Phys 41(2):022101. doi: 10.1118/1.4860157.

M. McEwen, L. DeWerd, G. Ibbott, D. Followill, D. W. O. Rogers, S. Seltzer, and Seuntjens J.
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(2013) A comparative study of small field total scatter factors and dose profiles using plastic scintillation detectors and other stereotactic dosimeters: The case of the CyberKnife, Med. Phys. 40(1), 011719.

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E. Conneely, A. Alexander, G. Stroian, Seuntjens J,.

(2013) An investigation into the use of MMCTP to tune accelerator source parameters and testing its clinical application, J Appl Clin Med Phys 4(2); 3692.