Slobodan  Devic

Assistant Professor


FRQS Chercheurs-boursiers

Department of Radiation Oncology
SMBD Jewish General Hospital
3755 Chemin de la Côte- Sainte- Catherine
Montreal, QC  H3T 1E2

Telephone: 514-340-8222 X 22595

Education: Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc., University of Belgrade

Research Focus: Medical Physics; GafChromic Film dosimetry; Development of new treatment techniques for GI cancers; PET/CT based biological target volume definition and implementation to treatment planning for lung and rectal carcinomas

Recent Presentations:

B. Moftah, F. Alrumayyan, S. Aldelaijan, M. Shehadeh, F. Alzorkani, J. Seuntjens and S. Devic, “Dosimetric Characterization of Low Energy Protons for Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy,” ESTRO 33, April 4-8, 2014, Vienna, Austria.

C. Quintero, N. Tomic, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens and S. Devic, “Clinical Implementation of Radiochromic Film Based CTDI Measurements,” ESTRO 2014

D Han, M Webster, D Scanderbeg, C Yashar, D Choi, B Song, S. Devic, A Ravi and W Song, “Direction Modulated Brachytherapy for HDR Treatment of Cervical Cancer,” AAPM 2014

T Connell, A Alexander, P Papaconstadopoulos, M Serban, S. Devic and J Seuntjens, “Automated delivery and quality assurance of a modulated electron radiation therapy plan,” AAPM 2014

C. Quintero, N. Tomic, H. Bekerat, F. DeBlois, J. Seuntjens and S. Devic, “CTDI Measurements using a Radiochromic Film-based clinical protocol,”AAPM 2014

M. Morcos, S. Devic, “Novel Technique for the Measurement of Ultra-Superficial Doses Using Gafchromic Film,” Med. Phys. AAPM 2014

Ghada Aldosary, Ahmad Nobah, Faisal Al-Zorkani, Slobodan Devic and Belal Moftah, “The Influence of a Modeled Treatment Couch on Dose Distributions During IMRT and RapidArc Treatment Delivery,” COMP 2014.

S. Devic. “Treatment Planning and Quality Assurance for HDR Brachytherapy in Rectal Cancer Patients,” Harvard Medical School, Department of Radiation Oncology, Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center, Physics Seminars, Friday, March 21 2014, Boston, MA, USA.

Recent Publications:

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